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Midnight Maiden

by Kathryn Marie

A Noble. An Assassin. A girl with a past...

Christiana isn’t your average Marchioness. Living a double life, she is known in the dark shadows as Midnight Maiden, the vigilante assassin. Using skills she’s honed for years, she helps the abused to regain control of their lives. But when the Royal Family summons her to the palace for a summer filled with gossip and eligible bachelors, she must conceal her illicit alter-ego while rebuilding relationships lost. But she is forced to decide between her safety and her integrity when Prince Alekzander, the next King, attempts to hire her to take out a powerful man at court: Chancellor Julian Marlow.  With her head, and her heart, on the line, Christiana must decide what type of future she is truly meant to lead.



by Paul McMurrogh

An eruption on the Sun leaves the Earth powerless, but is it a temporary inconvenience or the start of a spiral into anarchy?

Belfast Professor Martin Monroe knows the answers, but once branded a conspiracy nut, he struggles to get anyone to listen to his warnings of the impending disaster. His only friend, Simon Wilson, still coming to terms with the loss of his wife, is the only person who will listen.

Fighting against bureaucracy and her own lack of confidence, Government Communications officer Lisa Keenan struggles to get the word out. Despite the protests of her colleagues, she enlists the help of the professor.

With a wife and new-born child to think of, Prison supervisor, Derek Henderson, must weigh duty against family and live with the consequences of an impossible decision.

Will the world’s total reliance on technology, and the electricity that powers it, lead to the irreversible disintegration of society on a global scale?


The Seventh Year Trials

by Alexis D. Johnson

It isn’t easy for a fifteen-year-old girl to raise a dragon in secret, but Mirren Calia never turned down a challenge. When keeping her new friend proves to be a much greater struggle than she bargained for, she’s forced to turn to competitions for money, and gets swept into the prestigious Seventh Year Trials.

But her dragon, Rai, is barely old enough to enter, and a vindictive
ex-noble is determined to win at any cost in a game all his own. What
she thought were just games, turn out to have much higher stakes.

Can Mirren outfly and outwit her opponents to claim her dream and save Rai? Or will she lose everything in the attempt?

The Seventh Year Trials is the first book in the imaginative Tainted
Scales Series. If you like feisty heroines, high-spirited adventures,
and plenty of dragons, then you’ll love this thrilling young adult
fantasy tale.

The Seventh Year Trials.jpg
COVER_B1- Soul of the Crow.jpg

Soul of the Crow

by Jessaca Willis

When the mortals want someone dead, they contract a Reaper of Veltuur, an assassin born from the underrealm, with fatal magic coursing through their veins. Sinisa is one of them.

For three years, she’s served the underrealm and slain her targets dutifully with the aid of her crow familiar. She only needs one more kill to ascend as a Shade, a coveted status of power. And when the King of Oakfall requests a Reaper to execute his daughter for an unforgivable crime, Sinisa is first to volunteer for the job. It should be easy.

But when the Prince of Oakfall discovers his sister is in danger, he flees the palace with her, leaving Sinisa with only two options: journey through the mortal realm to find and slay her mark, or face the consequences of returning to the underrealm empty-handed.

It's no choice at all. She has come too far and is too close to earning her title to let it be taken away from her now. Besides, no one can outrun a Reaper of Veltuur. Or can they...


Daughter of the Deep

by Lina C. Amarego

A wedding to end a war. It's been four years since the blood feud between the Branwens and Mathonwys started. Four years of sunken ships and loved ones lost, four years of wounds both seen and unseen. Keira Branwen is no stranger to duty. As the first mate of a legendary pirate ship, blessed by the sea-god Lyr, and heir apparent to her clan, she would sail to the Otherworld and back to keep her family safe. But when the Council threatens banishment for her people, Keira is faced with a choice; she must either marry her father's alleged killer, the sea-snake Ronan Mathowny, or curse her family to the deep. But in the Seven Isles of the Deyrnas, secrets sleep just beneath the surface of the water. Her father's death is still shrouded in mystery, and Ronan--her childhood friend, the man she once loved--is hell-bent on proving his innocence. As enemies become friends and friends become suspects, Keira must wade through the waters of doubt to expose the truth, save her family, and restore her father's legacy. But Keira soon learns that there are ties thicker than blood, and there is more than one way to sacrifice a life.


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